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Republica Dominicana Jarabacoa
Republica Dominicana Jarabacoa


Jarabacoa: is a municipality from La Vega province in the Dominican Republic. This town is characterized by its wonderful spring weather. It is also known as the ecological capital of the Dominican Republic. It is located in the middle of the central mountain range, bordered on the north by La Vega, in the Southeast with Moneņor Novel, Constance to the south and Panic to the northwest; it is a mountain village. In the Taino language, Jarabacoa means "place where water flows.

With an impressive nature; the Yaque del Norte river flows, three impressive waterfalls: the Jimenoa Waterfall 1, the Jimenoa Waterfall 2 and Baiguate Waterfall and near Duarte Peak (Greatest in the Antilles).

It was a territory inhabited by the Taino Indians, who called it that way. With the arrival of the Spanish people to the island, some of them settled down in this place looking for gold and silver and afterwards they left this area. Then, the process of settlement by a massive inhabitants coming from Haiti took place as a consequence of the first Haitian invasions to the Spanish zone of the island.

Much of its economy is sustained by agriculture; it has a vegetable production in large scale. In recent years it has experienced a great development concerning in tourism. This region offers as attractive the Ecotourism & Adventure: adventure excursions are held as rafting: (through the rapids rivers of Yaque del Norte), canoying: (through Jimenoa river which is a tributary of Yaque del Norte) and mountaineering: climbing Pico Duarte or Jeep Safaris, Mountain Bike and Four Wheels: through Jarabacoa valley to meet the exuberant endemic nature. Besides, it also provides accommodations in hotels with fascinating and ideal environments for those who love nature.


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